$175 per hour 

(Two Hour Minimum)


  • A la carte pricing.

  • Choose your own hours.

  • Caricatures are drawn on 11” x 17” paper making them great party favors.

  • Art supplies are archival quality so the drawings will have minimal deterioration.

The Total Wedding Package [TWP] $1,100

Entire Wedding

  • Entertainment from Cocktail Hour to the end of the wedding so your guests have more fun and stay at your reception longer.

  • Caricatures are drawn on 11” x 17” paper making them great party favors.

  • A 11"x14" color Cartoon Portrait of the bride & groom done from a photo. Our archival quality process uses fade resistant inks so your heirloom will have stunning color for 100 years.

  • The bride and groom’s name and wedding date is pre-printed on the drawing paper.

  • Art supplies are archival quality so your guests have wall art that lasts.

  • FINISH THE LINE GUARANTEE: If there are guests still in line at the end of your reception we guarantee them a caricature.

  • Up to two ‘Jump the Line’ Caricatures. These are for special guests that couldn’t be drawn at the wedding. Send us their photos within 30 days and we’ll draw them for free.


TWP + Bridal Party Make-Over $2,520

Entire Wedding + Bridal Party Gifts

  • All contents of the Silver Package.

  • Have fun storytelling their personality and what makes them special in their own premium caricatures. This addition includes Cartoon Portraits of all your bridesmaids and groomsmen (maximum 8 Cartoon Portraits).


Diamond Package $5,250

Entire Wedding+Gifts for the bride & groom

  • All the contents of the Silver & Gold Packages.

  • Cartoon portraits of all the bridesmaids and groomsmen (no limit, so great for big bridal parties).

  • A professional photographer takes pictures of every drawing created and a souvenir book is created so you have a keepsake of all the drawings created that evening.

  • Three 11"x14"sketches of the venue and/or ceremony painted in ink and gouache.

  • Upgrade the Bride and Groom Cartoon Portrait to 16" x 20”.

  • A 16" x 20" Canvas collage of all the Cartoon Portraits of your bridal party.