Adam STREET is the #1 wedding cartoonist in the southwest U.S.!
Marvel Comics' Artist transforms your guests into unique super-fun cartoons in minutes…

Live Cartoons are perfect for people who want something different that adds a personal touch to your special day. Your guests are entertained watching the drawings and they go home with one-of-a-kind meaningful favors.

But,  there's something else you should know...

I draw cartoons, not caricatures?
Can you name a famous caricature? I can’t either. Now, name a famous Cartoon. Micky Mouse, Jessica Rabbit, He-Man, to name a few... Cartoons are flattering, timeless, and iconic. Live cartoons don’t take long and they make your guests feel like VIPs. Now imagine this happening over and over again at your wedding.  

Cartoons come in many forms...

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What our clients say:
"Hi Adam, I had you at my wedding in 2016 and people still talk about how great you were!!"
[received in  2022]
Elizabeth C..
"I will tell you it was the highlight of the evening!  I think everyone at the wedding had Adam draw them!  Great guy, artist, and a lot of fun! I would recommend him to anyone throwing a party who wants to do something out of the ordinary for you and your guests!"
Kristine C..
"Guys I cannot recommend Sketch My Wedding ENOUGH. We worked a wedding with him 2 years ago & I was obsessed with how much the guests loved it. We decided to skip the traditional wedding favors & hired him instead!!"
Kali P.
Who is Adam?
After I escaped my insurance job I became a full-time comic book color artist.  I've worked for Marvel Comics, Disney, DC Comics, and many others. 

I have drawn for Celebrity Parents Magazine all the way to Stephenie Meyer (author of Twilight).  My cartoon portraits have been featured on ABC 15 (Phx), FOX 10 (Phx),  The CW (San Diego), and The Today Show because of my outrageously fun and flattering art style. I've been drawing cartoons live for 12 years.

Big deal, I draw good.  So what?  But here’s the kicker...  

I offer a money back guarantee. If your wedding isn’t massively more fun and if your guests aren't almost annoying you ranting  about how much they adore their drawings, I’ll refund you 100% of your money. AND donate $500 to your favorite charity.

You literally have nothing to lose!

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