Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

I was in Las Vegas this past weekend at Amazing Las Vegas Comic-con.  What was great about this con was meeting people who actually live in Vegas! It’s kinda weird to say that but usually when I’m in Vegas I’m on the strip so I’m surrounded by other tourists. At the Con I met people from out of town (including some Phoenicians) but I met plenty of people from Vegas.

Before I drew the lady as Phoenix, we talked about some of her favorite characters that I could depict her as. I was going to pick a more popular character but I couldn’t get her red/auburn locks out of mind. I felt compelled to go with Phoenix, and she was cool with it.

Best cufflinks ever

At Kiva Club all of the vendors usually donate a door prize.  Patty from Mr. Formal donated these great cufflinks.  I thought these were the coolest ever!  Well, maybe not quite as cool as the Iron Man cufflinks I saw last year, but these are close.