ASU Gold ’N Gavel Caricatures

The theme for the 2018 Gold ’N Gavel Awards was superheroes and I drew the nominee and the nominators. Since I didn’t have to draw specific characters for everyone I approached it like I do my live work and just drew what felt natural for the model. As soon as I saw Ijana, I knew I wanted her to be Storm and Bethell was the perfect Colossus. They wouldn’t let me cover him in metal though. :) I also really liked Feeney’s fiery hair with the muted color background. Luckily the Dark Phoenix movie won’t be out for a while.

When I saw Jay’s picture, his scruffy face immediately reminded me of Stephen Amell from Arrow so the choice for them was easy. Plus I like the show. Well, before last season. Did I say that out loud?

Wong and Renaut as Batman literally cracks me up. I was told these two actually refer to themselves as Batman and Robin so I chose to go with Adam West/fun Batman instead of the more serious looks.