June Arizona Bridal Show 2019

Like usual, I had a booth at the Arizona Bridal Show. And like my new usual I didn’t take any pictures but luckily Tiff took a few. This year I had to stop drawing early because I had a party to runoff to. Tiffany stayed and manned the fort. Should that be wommaned the fort then?


Fundraiser: $50 iPad Caricature


Right now I’m offering $50 iPad caricatures in an effort to raise money for Jazney, a grant for less fortunate high school seniors who have improved themselves personally and academically. For more info on Jazney,

My iPad caricature sketches are not offered year round and they usually retail for $75 each but the price is only $50 between May 30th and June 9th [2019] with all profits to going towards Jazney.

Text your pictures to 602 980-7698 or e-mail them to adam@sketchmywedding.com. Please pay for your caricature here!


Feedback I received from a recent wedding:

"We absolutely loved having Adam at our reception and our guests were fascinated with his talent. He is a pleasure to work with. Our only regret, not booking him for a longer time frame. So my advice to anyone interested is to definitely book him because he is amazing and make sure you book him for a good chunk of time because once one of your guest gets a caricature done - everyone else will want one!"

-C. S.

ASU Gold ’N Gavel Caricatures

The theme for the 2018 Gold ’N Gavel Awards was superheroes and I drew the nominee and the nominators. Since I didn’t have to draw specific characters for everyone I approached it like I do my live work and just drew what felt natural for the model. As soon as I saw Ijana, I knew I wanted her to be Storm and Bethell was the perfect Colossus. They wouldn’t let me cover him in metal though. :) I also really liked Feeney’s fiery hair with the muted color background. Luckily the Dark Phoenix movie won’t be out for a while.

When I saw Jay’s picture, his scruffy face immediately reminded me of Stephen Amell from Arrow so the choice for them was easy. Plus I like the show. Well, before last season. Did I say that out loud?

Wong and Renaut as Batman literally cracks me up. I was told these two actually refer to themselves as Batman and Robin so I chose to go with Adam West/fun Batman instead of the more serious looks.


Want a Family Christmas Card but have no time? Become a cartoon!

“We have got THE.BEST.RESPONSE.EVER to that card .... everyone loved it, and everyone commented how remarkably you captured the "essence" of each of the kids!”

-T. Miller

Get up to 6 people (and/or pets) for $500*. This digital caricature can be quickly and easily sent to a card printer ASAP. Post on your social media or print one for the holiday season. If you do not love your caricature we will refund 100% of your money! Offer expires 11/18/2018.

Here’s what you do next:

Call me, Adam, at 602 980-7698 or VCA to pay for your caricature and then email me pictures: adam@sketchmywedding.com .

You must provide photos of each person or pet to be caricatured. *Some props, additional people, and/or elaborate themes may be extra.