Hi, I’m Adam and I am a comic book and pinup artist. You may be wondering what someone with my background can do for you. Well, instead of over-exaggerated caricatures I draw images that make you look and feel fantastic (the artists on my team share this philosophy too).

In planning your wedding reception you probably imagine your guests being happy and having fun celebrating your big day. Art facilitates this because it triggers Embodied Cognition, which means mirror neurons in your brain turn what you see in art into actual emotions you can feel. After an hour or two of caricatures being drawn, they create a buzz like no other!

Once I began drawing caricatures nine years ago I learned most people thought the intent of caricature was to make you look ridiculous. Nope, not me. My goal is to make men fit and the ladies look, well, kinda hot. When I draw I don’t just draw the person in front of me, I add a little of what they could be.

When I first started drawing caricatures live, like most artists with no training I struggled. At the first wedding I ever drew at, towards the end of the night I drew a girl in a wheel chair. I don’t know what condition she had but she moved a lot, and I had a lot of problems trying to draw her. When I finished her sketch she and her father loved it. To me I struggled. I was worried about a likeness and the technical aspects of drawing. That little girl taught me that night that my caricatures aren’t only about the process but the positive feelings I create.

  • Most people who want a fun and unique event hire me to draw live.

  • The second most popular thing I do is draw caricatures from photos.

  • You can also request a catalog of services.

Most people say I’m not trying to impress you, I’m trying to impress UPON you… Nope, I’m trying to impress you. I have three art books, Epiphany, Good Artist Gone Mad, and Adam Street’s Big Important Sexy Lady Book. I was a color full-time comic book artist, known mostly for my three year run on Marvel Adventures Spider-Man. My art has been seen ABC 15, FOX 10, The CW, and The Today Show.