In 2005 I was living out my dream as a comic book color artist for Marvel Comics.  The comic industry slowed down so I decided to follow my passion drawing pinups and designing characters for TV and film.  In 2010 I took artist Stephen Silver’s advice and started drawing caricatures to become a better character designer.  I soon started drawing caricatures in my local mall but the magic didn’t really happen until I drew at my first event–which was a wedding.  From then on I was hooked on caricature and hooked on drawing at weddings!

Weddings are my favorite type of event to draw at because of the nature of weddings, but also because of their compounding effect.  I compare drawing at a wedding to collecting baseball cards.  After a hour a dozen or so people may have been drawn but people are showing and talking about their caricatures.   After a few hours 30 or 40 caricatures have been drawn and every one is laughing, comparing features, themes , tweeting and posting drawings online,  etc.  A camaraderie is created with all the guests that can only be done with live caricatures.

There’s lots of entertainment out there but I found caricature is unique.  Most your guests will talk about your wedding and their caricature for many years to come.