I was a full-time comic book artist. I primarily colored comic books for Marvel Comics and freelanced on the side. Most of my friends and family know me for my Marvel work but I am also a pinup cartoonist. I have three art books, Epiphany, Good Artist Gone Mad, and Adam Street’s Big Important Sexy Lady Book.

Originally I loved working in mainstream comics on characters like Spider-Man, The Avengers, and The Hulk but soon I got worried.  Disney purchased Marvel so I wanted to cover my butt just in case I lost my job so I pursued a gig in character design.

I took veteran character designer, Stephen Silver’s advice and decided to draw caricatures to learn to be a better designer. My plan was to only draw caricatures for a few months and then apply for character design jobs. I opened a retail caricature booth on weekends but I also connected with Nick Krantz (who DJ’d my wedding) of NDK DJ.

Nick suggested me for one of his weddings, they booked me, and I loved it. After I drew at other parties I learned quickly the power of drawing caricatures at weddings and I was hooked.  After about a year I left Marvel to focus on live caricature.

Caricature is the hit at weddings because of their compounding effect and the synergy it creates between people. Most people show their drawings to others, compare features, themes , and post them online. Throughout the night camaraderie is created with all the guests that can only be done with live caricatures. Since many guests do not know each other this is extremely important.

There’s lots of entertainment out there for weddings but I found caricature can make any wedding more unique and more memorable. Most your guests will talk about your wedding and their caricatures for many years to come.

I started Sketch My Wedding so people could hire me or one of the hand picked artists on my team. All of our styles are a little different but our goal is to make your guests feel like VIPs. Your reception will be more fun and more memorable or I’ll refund your money.